There are many ways to invest in Bridgeway Funds.

You may purchase shares:

  • Directly from Bridgeway Funds, Inc.™
  • Through mutual fund marketplaces, such as TD Ameritrade, Charles Schwab & Co., E*Trade, and others.
  • From any member of the National Securities Clearing Corporation (NSCC).
  • Via brokers who clear through US Clearing, DLJ/Pershing, Fiserv, or NISC.


For accounts held directly with Bridgeway:

  • No account maintenance fee for regular accounts.
  • $15 custodial fee for IRA accounts.

Purchases through a brokerage house or fund supermarket may or may not carry a transaction fee. Check with your individual broker for more information about applicable transaction or management fees.

Transaction fees will vary depending on the fund marketplace and broker but may range from $18 to $200. These fees are subject to change. The minimum initial investment in any Bridgeway fund is $2,000, although some marketplaces may require a higher amount. Please contact your broker or fund marketplace for specific fees that may apply to you.

E*Trade Securities offers shares on a “no-transaction fee basis” if a purchase is made using the internet after establishing an account directly with E*Trade by sending a completed application form and making an initial investment of $2,000 or more.